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"I think we may safely trust a good deal more than we do."          
Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)



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1. Working Arrangements

1.1 The essence of the working methods used by Management-NewStyle and Management-NewStyle Limited (MNS) on any Assignment is to represent the best interests of the Client and facilitate learning by the Client’s staff as appropriate to the Assigment through mutual co-operation and trust to thus gain ownership by the staff of all such work so jointly developed and delivered and as required by the Assignment.
1.2 MNS recognises a professional obligation not to disclose to any third party any information belonging to the Client and provided to MNS for its temporary use during the conduct of an Assignment. All information provided by the Client to MNS is taken at face value and assumed to be suitable for use in the Assignment.
1.3 Intellectual property rights for any work undertaken by MNS for the Client shall remain vested in MNS. The Client shall have free and irrevocable licence to make use of them for the Client's own purposes subject to MNS invoices having been paid in full and on time. None of the work shall be published or circulated by the Client to any third party.
1.4 An Assignment is confined to the scope of work specified in the Proposal and any subsequent changes and or additions to the Proposal as notified in writing by the Client. The time taken to complete work and the measure of its success depend to a degree on factors outside our control. We are limited therefore to giving an estimate of the time required and the results obtainable based on the information made available by the Client. Any such estimates, and any confirmation or variation of them given in subsequent correspondence, verbal undertakings or reports, is given in good faith and shall not be deemed to be contractual undertakings, warranties or conditions of service.
1.5 All conclusions, arrangements, algorithms, forecasts and recommendations in any deliverable, proposal, report, document, software arrangement or presentation are made in good faith and on the basis of information before us at the time, and are not to be deemed in any circumstances as a representation, undertaking, warranty or contractual condition. In no circumstances shall MNS be liable for any loss of profit, or any other consequential damages that may be apportioned to such outputs of an Assignment.
1.6 The Client shall make available to MNS's nominated staff all information they may reasonably require for the effective execution of their work. When MNS’s representatives are required to work on the Client's premises, the Client will provide them with office accommodation, telephone, and minor secretarial services without charge.
1.7 The contract between MNS and the Client is governed by English law and the parties undertake to submit to the English Courts. These terms and conditions are operated by MNS unless there is a written agreement carrying amendments. Together with the Proposal, and the acceptance of the Proposal, they form the entire contract between MNS and the Client.

2 Financial Arrangements

2.1 The basis of fees relating to an Assignment are detailed in the Proposal to which these Terms are attached. They remain valid for one month from the date of submission of the Proposal. MNS reserves the right to amend the Proposed fee arrangements after this period subject to no Agreement having been concluded.
2.2 For fixed fee assignments, the contract is for the total sum specified in the Proposal. If circumstances arise which could not have reasonably been foreseen at the time of the Proposal, the fee may be amended by mutual agreement in respect of the agreed change of work content by either an agreed supplementary lump sum or a time basis arrangement.
2.3 Work cancelled by the Client will be charged for as agreed in advance unless an agreement to the contrary has been reached. For training contracts, cancellation with less than 30 days notice will be charged at half the agreed fee unless the event is postponed to an agreed date, and a 50% deposit is paid. For work carried out in stages the agreed stage payment falls due upon stage cancellation.
2.4 For assignments on a time basis the fees cover time spent on work for the Client whether carried out on the Client’s premises or elsewhere. Fee rates may be increased on giving two months written notice to the Client.
2.5 Travelling, accommodation, subsistence and other expenses necessarily incurred in connection with the assignment will be charged directly to the client, or recharged to him, as stated in the Proposal or as may be agreed in exceptional circumstances.
2.6 Invoices are submitted at intervals as stated in the Proposal. Payment is due within 30 days of invoice. MNS reserves the right to charge interest at 3% per month on overdue accounts.