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By What Means, Success?

“The players of an orchestra are not there to play solos as prima donas. They are there to support each other. They are usually not the best players in the country.”          
W Edwards Deming (1900-1993)

Problems tend to announce themselves. Solutions do not. Inevitable the critical question is “How to solve the problem, and by what means?” We need a way to explain past events and predict the outcome of future actions. Nature has imbued us with a powerful survival instinct based on rapidly deciding whether the answer to our problem of our survival is one of ‘fight or flight’. This instinct is of little use to us in resolving business problems.
Experience shows that the best guide to deciding ‘by what means’ we can resolve a given problem is our accumulated experience embodied into our set of theories which can be tested. Likewise the theories of others can be used to devise solutions. Using theories we can iteratively test our improvement ideas by devising trial solutions and testing them until we find a satisfactory solution – a solution which is suitable until a new and different problem arises and the problem solving cycle is used again.
Management-NewStyle believes in the value of theory guiding practice. With help from theory we can devise powerful techniques to gain insights that in turn help guide us towards pragmatic and practical solutions to business problems.