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FlowMap Software

FlowMap FM4 : Know-how Processor

The process journey towards economic-quality progresses with the disciplines of continuous process improvement and product innovation, with ordered Plan-Do-Study-Act problem solving, and with information modelling and process simulation. Accordingly, when the process journey begins the choice of software is very important. Firstly, the software needs to be generic and thus adaptable to the special needs of its users; and secondly, it needs to be capable of expansion and extension to reliably handle the many value-adding benefits available from the implementation of process management. The FlowMap Professional process platform provides a suite of application modules which enables Corporate users to achieve both of these objectives - and many more besides.

FlowMap Professional software is available in three Editions: a process stand-alone installation (the Solo Edition) for named-users of laptop and network-independent desktop installations; and two process platform network installation (the Team and Enterprise Editions) for customised corporate network deployments. The application modules available within the FlowMap Professional software suite are: 

Graphic Editor - Origination of basic components of business objects.
Symbol and object designer; defines Author palettes.
Picture Editor - Editing of bitmaps for use within Author and Publisher.
Author - Origination of information-rich business objects.
Chart and process designer; data storage interface; action links.
Publisher - Assembly of collections of information-rich business objects.
Document set multi-media manager; creates compressed files for network use.
Network Viewer - Distribution of business process information.
Secure read-only access to chart sets, documents and multi-media files.
Librarian - Administration of information-rich libraries of business objects.
Validation, version control, maintenance and administration for chart sets.

FlowMap software enables people within organisations to operationally connect with each other as well as with their common purpose. In so doing they will become more productive, more innovative and more reliable and their organisation will become more competitive and more successful.

The FlowMap Professional process platform software suite can be licensed to organisations in a selection of deployments to suit particular needs, ranging from a small start-up configuration (Team Licence) to larger fully operational configurations (Site and Corporate Network Licences) as required.