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Tree of Knowledge

Management-NewStyle has published a series of documents and booklets that describe the various aspects of systems thinking and process management techniques that need to be understood.

Papers prepared by members of the first Metre Team of associates of 
are listed under Documents on the Library page. 

1   A Concise History of Economic-Quality
     by David Howard
2   A Business Process Management Primer
     by David Howard with Pat Hoverstadt
User Guides
1   The Basics of Deployment Flowcharting & Process FlowMapping
     A User’s Guide to DFC
2   The Basics of Statistical Process Control & Behaviour Charting
     A User’s Guide to SPC
Practitioner Notes
These Notes have been written for Management-NewStyle by consultants specialising in the
Particular subject area. They provide those using the first metre approach with details of various pro-forma ways in which they might approach their process journey.
1   Self-Assessing for Excellence
     Understanding your organisation with the EFQM Excellence Model
     by Derek Medhurst & Dave Richards of D&DExcellence  
2   The ‘6–Sigma’ Journey
     A project based approach to driving process improvement
     by John Morgan of Catalyst Consulting
3  Reviewing ISO 9000:2000
    Understanding how ISO 9000 can help your organisation
    by Roger Bilsby of Brockton Management Services